The future of birding, birds, and all life on Earth rests in the hands of younger generations. LWAS is committed to helping young people have access to opportunities exploring our natural world, especially birds.

Over the years, Thayer Birding has been an excellent technology tool for all birders to learn about birds. Now, this software is available for FREE. For everyone!

Birding Software For Kids    The coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced thousands of schools across the country to close for weeks. What are your kids or grand-kids going to do with themselves?   We have an interesting suggestion. Let them explore over 1,000 birds of North America. Take over 700 fun quizzes about birds. Listen to bird songs in their area. Watch videos of bird behavior. Learn more about their favorite birds.   Thayer Birding Software has started a “Young Birder” Program. Our goal is to give away one million copies of our software to kids 18 and younger. This seems like the perfect week to help spread the word about this no-cost program.   We want kids to discover birding and the joys of nature at an early age. You can help by letting others know about this program. Forward this newsletter to your neighbors, relatives, local teachers, school administrators, Audubon clubs, Scout leaders, and even kids in your neighborhood.  (Maybe this offer will even go “viral”)   It is very easy to download a copy.  Simply visit